Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Old Reconstruction Revisited

Implant Surgery: Dr. Jonathan Abenaim
Extractions and Bilateral Sinus Lifts: Dr. Vito Modugno
Prosthetics: Dr. Jonathan Abenaim
Laboratory: Eric @ Romi Dental Studio
Implant #: 17
Manufacturer: Intralock, Zimmer, MIS
Pink Porcelain NOt used due to Thickness of porcelain at flange area. Pink Porcelain would have been nice for photos but insignificant for actual smile.
Nti Device delivered
This patient is going strong on three years with no complications. 

Something to consider:
Today this case would be done differently. Upper reconstruction in Porcelain. Lower would be done with gradia for repairability. If you are going to take the risk of Porcelain on Porcelain look into a T-scan to "Dial" in your occlusion and guide your success.


  1. Given the contiuing advancement in dental materials,we would have done this case slightly different today.
    Some lecturers advise against porcelain to porcelain occlusion and as Jonathan mentioned, you'd really want to get a T-Scan in there when you do that.
    For several years now, I have been using GC Gradia for screw retained Hybrids and the material holds up very nicely, is very esthetic and being a Leucite Ceramic reinforced Nano Composite, there is nothing to worry about in longevity.

  2. Absolutely agree Uwe. This is why today we routinely do these cases as you described. Porcelain on the upper (if flange is not needed) and Gradia full screw retained hybrid or Gradia combination with Denture teeth like Phonares or Physiodens that have the bulk and the excellent wear resistance.