Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dental Implants may not always be the answer

Here is a case that I recently completed. We did some implants in the past on this patient and she knew that #10 was in the works. She finally returned as asked for an implant in #10.
Here is the way she originally presented.

So placing an implant immediately is definitely out of the question. PLacing an implant will require extensive soft tissue and hard tissue grafting and even then may not yield the result that equates to the amount of time and money the patient and doctor would have to invest. #11 had a veneer/crown already so we decided to use todays technology and materials to complete the case. Please follow the photo essay below to follow the sequence of the case.

Tranzgraft is a material sold by Ck dental that does not need primary closure. Handles very nicely.

 In Hindsite the distal has a little too much scarring and my suturing should have been better but all in all I think that we gained tissue, achieved a phenomenal result and made the patient happy.

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