Friday, September 9, 2011

3 Appointment Cost Effective Implant Denture

Every dental office has patients that are in desperate need of implant restorations, but a lot of patients find the conventional type of restorations beyond their financial means.

We have created a new way of providing Implant Dentures in as little as 3 appointments at a very affordable price to patients.

Enter the Laser Bar Denture.

It is a denture processed onto a laser assembled new generation, high retention bar profile.

Starting Point :
Bite Registration using Kois Dento-Facial Analyzer
Copy Denture and CR bite

Transferred onto articulator using the Kois Transfer Stand. You can easily make your own jig so the Stand can be used in most high end articulators

One way to mark anatomical landmarks without painting on the patient's face

This is the amount of reduction that was needed.

This is where we ended up.

Patient is getting married in a month.

That will be a very happy person walking down the aisle.

Intra-oral detail

Denture teeth: Tribos 501

Denture Modification: Shofu Lite Art and GC Gradia

That tiny little dark mark on the canine is the screw access hole that came out bucally.

We covered that up by very minimally moving the lower incisors mesially and rotating the canine out mesially so we could have the metal cylinder on the distal aspect. Jonathan did his magic chairside. Who is ever going to notice there is a screw covered?

Now, there is a before and after shot that will generate more cases like this once the patient finds out they can actually afford it.

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  1. Thanks Uwe. This is a case that was definitely the most challenging. From:
    1) Her excessve gingival display
    2) lip incompetence
    3) Class 2 Skeletal Profile
    4) High Expecations
    5) Need for Anesthesiologists administered sedation for every procedure
    6) Perfecting the occlusion and esthetics

    This is definitely the most CHALLENGING case I have ever exectuted. All in all patient is happy.
    Most important part that makes cases like this a success is the verification jig that allows you to save an appointment.
    Great Work Uwe.